5 Culinary Indonesia’s Famous in The World

Indonesia is an archipelago with a variety of customs. It also makes the Indonesian culinary taste of various kinds. You could say Indonesia is one of the world culinary heaven. It is felt also by the tourists out visiting Indonesia. Not only enjoy the beautiful nature of the archipelago, but their stomachs were spoiled by the delights of Indonesian food. And some Indonesian dishes in a culinary review this time was very famous in the world.
• Sate
The food was a typical recipe from Madura is also a culinary icon Indonesia. If you open the website review of Indonesian cuisine like those of Caucasians, the delicious chicken satay become one of the flagship menu. Sate is meat cut into small pieces and stabbed on a bamboo prick and then burned with charcoal. Meat skewers usually a chicken, goat, cow or sheep. Satay is the spice flavor with a wide variety. Every region in Indonesia usually have their own prescriptions satay seasoning.
• Fried rice
Serving dishes are very common in Indonesia but is often served even at international events. How to cultivate fried rice is actually easy and simple, but what makes it special is the seasoning that varies, depending on the area where the fried rice was created. Besides flavor, the mixture used in the fried rice also varied, such as sausages, meatballs, eggs or vegetables, depending on your taste. And make no mistake, this fried rice including favorite foods United States president, Barack Obama, during his stay in Indonesia.
• Meatballs
The food that you can get easily in a side street it was quite well known in foreign tourists tongue. Hence this menu entry into Indonesia’s famous culinary article abroad. If Historically, meatballs itself is a typical food from China, but along its development, now feel and look more have typical Indonesian meatballs.
• Mixed vegetables with the peanut sauce
One more culinary roadside Indonesia are very popular abroad. Gado-gado also includes Indonesia culinary icon that often appear at major events as one of the food menu. Gado-gado is a meal consisting of a mixture of rice cake, vegetables, chunks of tofu and tempeh then doused with peanut sauce. And more delicious again with the addition of crackers. You can taste the hodgepodge with a spicy flavor and spicy, depending on taste. In some areas hodgepodge usually coupled with egg slices and a sprinkling of fried onions.
• Gudeg
As a culinary portal, Yogya has very distinctive range of dishes, one of which was this warm. The taste of warm, slightly sweet would feel unique in a foreign tongue. However, when eaten with sambal goreng krecek, side dish of chicken and eggs, of this warm taste will be more delicious again. Gudeg distinctive flavor comes from young jackfruit cooked in coconut milk and cooking time should be long enough. Because if cooked too briefly or underdone, taste typical warm it will not be felt.