Aging Process Deterrent

The steady course navigating towards aging is still an obscure mystery for mankind to discover and decipher. There are only theories,speculations and a hypothesis attributed to the “damage concept” which is the amassing of body deterioration both internally and externally through the years,such as DNA disruptions or disintegration may be the culprit for biological systems to decline or the predisposed aging conception whereas, truncated portions of the DNA at the ends of chromosomes may cause aging.


The Aging Process

Defined as an aggregation in the human body with the span of time incorporating physical,psychological and social alteration,because single cells within your organism have desisted dividing (cellular senescence). Aging is the most elevated and prevalent determinant for most diseases because your immune system is compromised by slowing down. Aging is genealogically concluded and inconclusively modulated.

How To Reduce The Ravages Of Aging

Even though the process of aging cannot be obstructed,there are certain steps that one can take to slow it down. It is recommended that you find the time in your daily life to exercise,such as walking which is very beneficial and promotes circulation, as well as getting nine hours of sleep every night whenever possible.

Consuming well balanced nutritious meals that include protein with fruits and green and orange vegetables that are high in antioxidants. Drinking pomegranate juice reduces the appearance of wrinkles, berries and olive oil which prevents age related diseases are a excellent natural oxidant, Vitamin C elevates cell renewal. Daily intake of Vitamin B6 and B 12 decreases cortisol which is a steroid hormone created in the adrenal gland that escalates serotonin, a chemical in the body which relieves depression and anxiety.

Drinking green tea has anti inflammatory benefits. Sunscreen prevents wrinkles. It is also suggested that you take antioxidant vitamin supplements that intensify the production of elastin and collagen essential for your skin, as well as natural plant steroids from olive extract which is anti viral to increase your endurance and fortify your immune system to fight off disease.

Another important factor in deterring the aging process is alleviating stress by drinking extracts from the magnolia flower and using lavender oil in your bath, which is a natural relaxant.


A patented dietary supplement endorsed to indirectly elevate antioxidant activity by balancing endogenous (originating from within the organism, tissue or cell) oxidant like the enzymes super oxide diastase (enzyme that mobilizes the partition of the super oxide dismutase compound that implements an atom in which the total sum of electrons is not equal to the number of protons) and catalase which is a dominant enzyme existing in every living organism absorbing oxygen and tripeptide glutathione, an integral anti oxidant in plants, animals,fungi and some bacteria. Protandim is not expected to be utilized to analyze, heal, or preclude medical illness.