Barcelona official charged with the Spanish President, Jaume Bartomeu: he was inciting violence!

Barcelona win after Valencia, Barcelona and Valencia Coach sports channels reported clashes with fans. The scolding neymar burst of swearing, Valencia players then threw a water bottle hit the Barcelona players. Primera Liga Barca President Pablo tebas recently satire “a bottle fell to a few people, like a bowling ball”, Football Association Disciplinary Committee criticized Barcelona “too can play”, Warren was fined 1500 euros. Barcelona official announcement will sue bass and disciplinary committees, Barcelona will take the case to Spain Court of arbitration for sport.
In announcing the decision, Barca President Jaume Bartomeu also said publicly: “buzz words are not responsible, as a football official, should think carefully before he speaks, he is now encouraging violence. Disciplinary Committee was to decide whether to make additional punishment, not to determine who is a model Stadium. We hope that the Court of arbitration for sport specific soccer violence would be punished. “The Barcelona game kicked scolded, Iniesta was shoveled into a serious injury, results but Barcelona was criticized, red and blue really cannot refrain. Pablo tebas also criticized Barcelona celebrates extreme, which would stimulate the home fans. Barcelona balm Rafinha also have published a satire: “if he said that, that we don’t celebrate after scoring. His comments really amazing, he is supposed to protect the players. Barcelona players are well protected, we don’t want to play that sort of thing. “
Barcelona now break with the bass, bass defended himself: “I do real Madrid fans, but because the broadcast issues, Real Madrid employs 5 attorneys to sue me … … I protest Barcelona punished by FIFA because it’s not fair. In recent years I maintained PG, I was also issued at the Bernabeu for Macy’s La Liga top scorer award in the history … … But I respect the decisions of Barcelona, Ba Tuomei Wu is entitled to his own opinion. “
Sponsored by the Coach Online of the Spanish official also is not altogether without penalty for Valencia, Valencia fans against Barça’s insults is also today a complaint by the anti-violence Commission. Messi was called a “moron”, some fans insulted the Barcelona “Catalan Biao.” But neymar water bottle-throwing fans, field the ball in a year being banned from Valencia, Spanish official had any penalties on him. For the Valencia players throughout the brutal play, the Spanish official did not make any punishment, or even give any attitude.