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Barcelona official charged with the Spanish President, Jaume Bartomeu: he was inciting violence!

Barcelona win after Valencia, Barcelona and Valencia Coach sports channels reported clashes with fans. The scolding neymar burst of swearing, Valencia players then threw a water bottle hit the Barcelona players. Primera Liga Barca President Pablo tebas recently satire “a bottle fell to a few people, like a bowling ball”, Football Association Disciplinary Committee criticized Barcelona “too can play”, Warren was fined 1500 euros. Barcelona official announcement will sue bass and disciplinary committees, Barcelona will take the case to Spain Court of arbitration for sport.
In announcing the decision, Barca President Jaume Bartomeu also said publicly: “buzz words are not responsible, as a football official, should think carefully before he speaks, he is now encouraging violence. Disciplinary Committee was to decide whether to make additional punishment, not to determine who is a model Stadium. We hope that the Court of arbitration for sport specific soccer violence would be punished. “The …