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Herbs that Boost Testosterone in Men

Males are made more masculine by testosterone. Testosterone is a male sex hormone responsible for a male’s hair growth, muscle capacity, and the tone of the voice.

Men today are experiencing low level of testosterone because of their diet and the atmosphere where they get heavy metal, fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, dioxins, and other synthetic chemical and these substances deplete testosterone hormones in men. The number of men having low testosterone levels are getting higher each year.

Men who are experiencing symptom like low sex drive, difficulty achieving an erection, low semen volume, loss of hair, fatigue, loss of muscles, increase in body fat, decrease in bone mass are on top that you are suffering testosterone deficiency.

In order to remedy this situations, many quick-fix pharmaceuticals today have come up with testosterone hormone injectables and other steroids for the purpose of replenishing the deficiency in men. Forgetting that the very reason why most of the men are suffering today is because of the same synthetic chemicals that came from these pharmaceuticals.

What we see here is despite all these efforts at finding a remedy for this problems, there is no good cure found in the medical laboratories of today. People are suffering with more ailments and diseases and dying earlier. People of years past were strong than us despite not having all the things that we have, and they only had their own way of medication to see them through.

If the answer lies in our embarrassing diet because our culture sees meat and fat as the enemy, while carbs and sugars are treated as delights – our ancestors saw it differently. Perhaps we should listen to them, eat what they eat and use their medications. We are made to believe things which are not true and thus affect our diet, like believing that cholesterol will give us a heart attack.

With lots of high cruciferous vegetables in our diet we become healthy and we should refrain from eating sugar and grains. This means minimize your sodas or any sugary drinks and fruit juices, cut your candies or junk food, and limit your bread and pastas. Avoid food that contains harmful chemicals.

The tongkat ali extract is taken from a herb that naturally boosts your testosterone level and is better than any other herb. Here is a word of caution before buying this extract online. You need to buy the tongkat ali extracts and not the tongkat alik root powder. They look exactly alike but they are not the same. This extract comes only from Indonesia and make sure that the strength of the extract is 1:200.

You can also try d-aspartic acid known to convert cholesterol to testosterone, and ashwagandha known to increase testosterone and reduce anxiety.

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