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What are Nootropic Brain Supplements? Brain enhancing drugs are being used by a lot of smart people in order to improve their memory, increase their focus, and advance their mental energy. If people take brain enhancing drugs will it really improve their focus, attention, and memory? Are there no known risks that are involved? People who take these brain enhancing drugs have compared the experience to the simple activity of drinking coffee which also affects the brain. The questions then is if one compared this with drinking coffee, is taking these brain enhancing drugs really safe and effective. Coffee drinking is safe for many people and has been socially accepted but with brain enhancing drugs, there is no social acceptance as yet.
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We cannot also say that brain enhancing drugs is something new because people are already taking them to sharpen their minds and these people include college, students, scientists, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, and many silicon valley geeks.
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Below are some definition of terms that will help make you understand cognitive enhancers so that you can make an educated decision to take it or not. We should distinguish between two kinds of cognitive enhances, the smart drug, and the Nootropic drugs, and the difference lies in the fact that smart drugs enhance and improve memory, learning, focus, attention, and other cognitive skills, while Nootropic drugs improves the health of the brain. Since smart drugs are pharmaceutical stimulants, they must be taken in short term. When asked, some students who have taken branded smart drugs have said that they saw improvement of their grades as a result of taking these drugs. Some side effects can include insomnia, headaches and skin rashes. Nootropics or natural nootropic supplements serves as being neuroprotective since they are simply more of a food supplement to support the health of your brain function. When you take smart drugs, studies have shown that you do not really get smarter by taking it and you are just led to think that you are performing better. Taking these brain enhancing drugs might not be worth it because of the risks involved and because the benefits that it is supposed to give is not fully accepted, and that is why it is a lot better to simply take other ways to encourage your brain’s health. What you can do is to include in your diet some brain healthy foods, sleep well, and do exercises, meditate or do some neurobic brain exercises. Try a natural nootropic supplement that fits the original definition of a nootropic. Instead of getting these prescription drugs that target regions of the brain, it is better to take vitamins instead. You should still ask your doctor’s advice if you want to take Nootropic food supplements for the health of your brain.