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3 Fitness Myths and the Truth Behind Them Lots of people agree that optimum fitness is one of the hardest things to achieve. Moving towards a fitness goal is made much more challenging by the different temptations and distractions that litter the way. Even if you do try your best to stay on course, there are lots of myths that will make it difficult for us to reach our goals simply because we believe in them. Keep yourself in the know to prevent misconceptions from pulling you back. Learn more about the three most common fitness myths to help optimize your efforts. 1. Lifting Weights Can Only End With Bulk – Lots of men dream of being the buff image of masculinity featured on magazines and movies, but women would much rather stay lean and slim. Visit any gym and you’re likely to notice a great divide between men and women – guys like to workout with weights, while girls much prefer treadmills and other cardio equipment. But contrary to what most people believe, lifting weights doesn’t always mean gaining muscle mass. It always depends on how much weight you plan to lift. Lean and slim can be achieved with light weights and multiple reps. Lifting greater weights with fewer reps will help increase your muscle bulk. 2. Sleep As Little as Possible to Prevent Weight Gain – it’s not uncommon to hear about people who deprive themselves of sleep because they don’t want to gain fat. But these days, research has proven that the opposite of this myth is actually the truth, and that is if you don’t sleep, you will gain weight. This is because your body uses sleep as an opportunity to regenerate energy and renew damaged cells. If you don’t give your body enough time to rest and sleep, you effectively inhibit healing and recovery. When that happens, your body is likely to crave for the next best energy booster – and that’s food.
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3. Calories From Good Food is Less Fattening – A common suggestion you’ll hear from people is that you should choose your food wisely to prevent weight gain. Drop the burger and eat tofu instead. Exchange all of those unhealthy food options with health alternatives, and you’re well on your way to fat loss. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating healthy, you should know that consuming the same number of calories – whether it was a well prepared and health conscious meal or fast food take out – will still make you gain if unregulated. A calorie is not a unit of fat, it’s a unit of energy, and when that energy isn’t used up, it’s stored in the form of fat. Remember, a hundred calories worth of fruit is just the same as a hundred calories worth of chips.Lessons Learned About Exercises