Plantar fasciitis which is also called as PF is the common form of heel pain. According to the research, there will be either no inflammation or really very less grade inflammation that are usually found in the patients who have the plantar fasciitis. The name given to this type of disorder is plantar fasciopathy. This name is truly replicates the degenerative nature of the condition.

Symptoms and causes:

The very common symptom of this disorder is the heel pain. The pain is one the inside of the heel pain and it is very common than other form of pain in the middle of the heel. The typical symptom of this disorder is very strong heel pain while standing ion to the feet for the first time in morning. As the days went by, the pain improves a lot. Then finally it becomes very worse in the evening.

 The very most common cause of this disorder is excessive tensile load that are applied to the plantar fascia. These forms of excessive load can be either due to the excessive form of physical activities like the case of athletes which jumps and for the runners. The other type of overloading is due to the excessive chronic tensile load that may results in poor biomechanics or the foot deformities.

The treatment:

Stretching treatment for the plantar fascia is not recommended to be helpful by many researches. The latest research has shown that the custom made orthotics is not superior to the prefabrication and both are having the limited value during the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Some steroid injection may be helpful to reduce the inflammation in the starting stage of this disorder, but the problem is that it does not deal with the cause of PF and it may be the reason for fat pad atrophy. For the best treatment to reduce the heel pain you can acquire the help of the specialist who can guide you to reduce the help pain. may helps you in many ways and you can avail with this center.

Strapping has been shown mainly to have the very good therapeutic effect on reducing the tensile force to PF; therefore it allows the healing to occur. The disadvantage of the strapping is that it has to be correctly and very often done by the very qualified professionals.

The recent review of the 32 studies have accomplished that the functional form of physical therapy has some moderate effectiveness for the people who are suffering from the chronic plantar fasciitis. The recent research says that the shockwave therapy will be the most efficient treatment for PF.

In this centre we offer a very comprehensive treatment approach of the plantar fasciitis and also for the different form of heel pain disorders. We may use the diagnostic ultrasonography imaging for the ankle and foot disorders. We may also use pressure and the gait analysis for the continuous analysis of forces acting on foot and also in the joint mechanics. The most important thing is that this center may combine the physical therapy with the extracorporeal shock wave therapy.