Why Workouts Aren’t As Bad As You Think

The Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises A bodyweight exercise refers to any exercise for strength training that does not need a free weight. Resistance for every movement is provided by the person’s own body weight. Examples of these exercises include pull-ups, push-ups or sit-ups. Most people believe that this type of exercise only is solely for muscular endurance. That is not true. Those people should actually understand that bodyweight exercises will give a person an amazing physical shape. And since one will only need his body weight to perform the exercises, he will not need a gym. Moving on, if performed correctly bodyweight exercises actually builds lean and fit muscles. Having athletic muscles is important for both sports and daily normal activities. There are, in fact, at least twenty ways to exercise with your own body weight. Hence these exercises are not limited to push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. You will be amazed at how you can combine these exercises to make a great workout routine.
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Furthermore, bodyweight exercises can be done in different ways. Depending on your strength, you can perform these exercises slow or explosive. You can build intensity as you progress. The strength and the speed gained with bodyweight exercises is one advantage that weight training does not have.
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So what are the other types of bodyweight exercises? Doing squats is one example. This kind of bodyweight exercise is the easiest to do. But just because it is easy, it does not mean it is not worth the time and effort. This exercise works the entire lower body especially the hamstrings, glutes and quads. If done in a proper manner, the abdominal muscles also get developed. Another example is doing planks. This one is very popular. The plank is a good exercise for the core. For this exercise to be effective, the heels the shoulders and hips must be kept at one height while the elbows and shoulders are straight. Another example is the crab walk. This fun exercise targets the glutes, the core and your triceps. Enhancing your coordination is an added benefit to this exercise. This may be very difficult at first and you might feel some discomfort around the wrist but do not give up. You simple turn the hands a bit to the side, when it gets a little uncomfortable around the wrists. Or you can simply take break. Remember to keep the hips off the floor all throughout the exercise. There are other ways to do bodyweight exercise. When shaping the body and increasing strength and energy, they are as effective as the exercises that are done at the gym. When you are a beginner, it is important to seek assistance from someone who has experience. On the other hand, you can check these videos to learn more.